Program Schedule:

Take a look at the 2009 Program Schedule for an idea what the 2010 summer seaso will have to offer:


Photo Gallery

Photos from each summer season are posted online for campers, family and friends to enjoy. There are thousands of pictures of all the fun things we do at camp, from caving and rappelling to working with lions and lemurs!

Below are some sample images you can find in our photo gallery:

Under the safe guidance of knowledgeable peers and professionals, kids have the opportunity to enjoy:

ZOOKEEPING: Help care for the animals at the zoo: cleaning, feeding, watering and "behavioural enrichment"- making things for the animals to play with!

ANIMAL SHARING: Free, unstructured time to spend with the animals.

WILDLIFE SAFARI- OUTREACH PRESENTATIONS: Campers visit local summer camps with some of the animals from the zoo to teach others about wildlife and the environment.

WILDLIFE PRESENTATIONS: Classroom lectures that offer up-close study of live animals.

NIGHT SAFARI: Exploring the zoo in the darkness of night, howling with the wolves and listening to the lions roar!

FALCONRY: Learn about the ancient practice of working with Birds of Prey.

HIKING: See, smell, taste, listen and touch the natural world around us. Learn to identify the many plants and animals we share this planet with.

CAVING: Discovering the world beneath our feet at the Warsaw Caves Convervation Area!

CANOEING: Explore the Indian River, keeping an eye out for turtles and water snakes basking in the summer sun or mischievous little minks playing along the shoreline.

OUTDOOR LIVING SKILLS: Learn which wild plants are edible, which are medicinal and those that can harm you. Learn to make Herbal Tea!

WALL CLIMBING: A climbing tower that offers a variety of challenges.

ARTS AND CRAFTS: Environmentally oriented, fun and educational.

TREE CLIMBING: Climb to the top of an ancient Hemlock tree over 60' high! Get a birds-eye perspective of the forest below.

SPORTS: Soccer, Frisbee, Volleyball, Baseball & Basketball.

CAMPFIRES: A great time to relax and listen to stories or take part in a drum-circle.

EARTH STEWARDSHIP: Taking part in local projects to make sure "Mother Nature" is tidy and safe.

WATER PARK: We visit Cedar Park Resort to enjoy the big Water Slides, Pool and H²0 Play Area.

TALENT SHOW: Sing and dance! A great way for campers to open up and express themselves freely. A great confidence booster!

MOUNTAIN BIKING: Our bike course will challenge your speed and agility... or simply enjoy a quiet ride on the nearby forest trails.

RAPPELLING: Teens have the opportunity to try rappelling, a controlled descent down a high cliff using a rope, harness and rack. An adrenaline rush with a view!

SKATEBOARDING: Like bicycling, this is a fun and exciting "non-polluting" form of transportation! Those with their own skateboards and safety equipment will get the chance to visit a new skateboard park.

TRAMPOLINE: What does this activity teach us about nature? Absolutely nothing... but they're so much fun!